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Available for 1 - 5 day workshops

Allan's workshops cover a wide range of topics with emphasis on design and content. Ideally, all the elements and principles one employs in creating a work of art should result in a unified, coherent whole. Content is what an artist is trying to express. A pictorial space may be thoughtfully and successfully designed, but to be completely realized, it should say something about how each individual sees her/his world.

Working with different and sometimes less used pictorial spaces such as extreme verticals, horizontals and squares can open new possibilities.

Sharing of technical information and discussions regarding materials and resources are important ingredients of his workshops. Allan enjoys demonstrating, and this has been popular in his workshops as well.


Buson's Tree



1. Colored Pencil Essentials Workshop—2015
September 12 & 13 - 9 am - 4:00 pm
Heyde Center for the Arts
Chippewa Falls, WI
Cost: $100

When you send in your tuition, name and phone number, Allan will send you a materials list as confirmation. Feel free to contact with any questions you may have.

Send to:

Allan Servoss
10270 280th Ave
New Auburn, WI 54757

Participants in this two day workshop will be exposed to basic techniques and materials along with discussions and demonstrations on color, design, and handling of the increasingly popular colored pencil. While different approaches such as landscape, close-up and still life are used, the techniques are applicable to any subject matter. This workshop is designed for ALL levels of experience.
Daily demonstrations with generous work-time are usual. Allan puts an emphasis on individual attention.
The workshop is in the fabulous facility of Heyde Center for the Arts. Overlooking the city of Chippewa Falls, the center is wheelchair accessible and close to the downtown area and its restaurants. There are abundant lodging choices in the area, too.


2. Chicago Chapter of CPSA Servoss Workshop
November 7th and 8th, 2015
Contact Twyla Horten for more information at:

Selected Comments from Past Workshops

"What others have said..."“Mr. Servoss was able to inspire us to let go of our tight constraints and obsessions with every tiny detail, at least for a short while, and jump full throttle into the pure creative side of drawing…By the workshop’s end, nearly everyone that participated had made a virtually complete drawing…we were more than pleased.”
Tucson, 2002
Tucson Colored Pencil Artists Association Newsletter
“Allan is a wonderful teacher. He explained, he interpreted, he shared, he listened, he answered.”
“To the Point” CPSA’s International Newsletter
Janie Gildow, 1998“Paradigms of composition are the rules of composition to be challenged, something that Servoss does with wonderful success. Just try and put a tree in the middle of the page and make it work…Thanks Allan, for many other words of wisdom. Janie Gildow was right!”
“What’s the Point” Chicago’s Chapter CPSA Newsletter
Sylvia Westgard, 1999“We wrapped up the session by finishing and displaying our works-in-progress. A very positive ending to a valuable and fun workshop.”
“What’s the Point” Chicago’s Chapter CPSA Newsletter
Paul Lucas, 1999
“Comments heard when our attendees left were, ‘this is the greatest workshop I’ve ever been to’, and ‘when are you going to be doing this again. Now the question is…who can we bring to town in September of 1998 who is as great as Allan Servoss?”
“Color Points” District Chapter 202, San Diego, CA
Bobbie Bradford, 1997